Jeff Shook took us, a couple New to the homebuyer process, under his wing. He was upfront with us every step of the way. Through thick and thin he was a bastion of information and our solid rock of knowledge that we leaned on throughout the buying process. He went out of his way to meet us at a Starbucks during a monsoon to look at paperwork. At every twist and turn I knew he was only one call away with answers to my house finance questions. I cannot stress enough how much I was able to rely on Jeff. The home buying process is fraught with ups and downs with a lot of frustration built in, but at no time was I in doubt about Jeff's ability to work with us through the financing. Two thumbs way way up. I hope to work with Jeff one day again when we trade up this house for a more amazing house and if you are reading your way through this and you haven't already selected Jeff as your mortgage guy then you are crazy. If Jeff was pizza he'd be pizza with all the toppings and on it for half price because you got the promo code via email for your favorite team winning the game. Give Jeff Shook a call and go buy a house.